During the 70s I had an appointment with a young man who came to see me about the problem he had about paying too much tax. At least 50% of my clients today still present the same apparent problem.

The difference with this bloke was the fact that he did not have a job, he was not studying, he had no formal qualifications and at the time he was not paying any tax at all.

I think it is crazy for anyone to expect to live in a modern city or country and not pay any tax.

In his book “The Fall of the Fourth Republic” William Schirer put the view forward that the near collapse of modern day France between the years 1919 and 1959 had as its primary cause the widespread attitude that tax levied by the Government was an inherently bad thing and therefore tax evasion was the patriotic cure.

When I process tax returns for clients with very high incomes, at least above $100,000 I notice that they fall into two distinct categories. The negatives concentrate on how much money they have sent to Canberra, the positives look at how much they have left to spend.

If we wish to be activists then our concentration should be directed towards governments – local State and Federal – to pester our representatives about how they are spending our money.